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Mushroom Divider by Gasara
Xeen | 20 | Aquarius | INFJ | Asexual as Hell

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anime - manga - oc - art - slice of life - laid back groups - puns - monsters - dragons - teeth - guro - history - cooking shows - her friends - being positive

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drawing - writing - roleplaying

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I'm a laid back and slightly anxious college student who just hops on here to hang out with groups and post some of the art I draw in my spare time! I don't have a lot to say because I literally blog so much on my other platforms that I run out of words here, but, I do exist I sWEAR-.

Mushroom Divider by Gasara

Hello hello! I'm doing some new years cleaning and design revamping. Which means there are a lot of old designs and art of characters I never developed. So, I thought I would just put them all up for sale/adoption if anyone finds them interesting or wants to use them for something!

1. Points or USD only! [all adopt info is in points, but if you want to pay cash we can negotiate]
2. First come first serve, there will be no holds.
3. The prices are based on a) my art at the time they were made and b) my attachment to the character design as a whole. This is what I feel my creations are worth or not worth, so I'd prefer not to negotiate or argue over their pricing.
4. You must note me saying which one's you'd like to buy and how you'd like to pay for them! Comments don't count.
5. You may resell, edit or color them as much as you wish! They're yours once I sell them to you.
6. Please don't claim my art as your own! Please credit me for the design in whatever you do use them for at first. 
7. Anyone who pays an extra 100 points on any of the adopts will get a chibi drawn of this character for them as well to show my thanks! 

With those rules in mind, here are the characters you can purchase! 

stash link:

there's also these adoptables that still need a home that have been reduced to 200 points each! (except for one which is 250 bc I really adore his design...)
REDUCED $ !Monster Boy Point Adopts(7/8 OPEN) by nagikura

And that's it! Please spread the word! I'd love to give these guys a good home for the new year :love: :love: :love:
  • Reading: Warrior Cats
  • Watching: GMM
  • Drinking: Sparkling Water


Also if anyone was interested in following me on toyhouse, feel free! I'm slowly but surely updating my character lists and making it pretty when I get the chance ;v; LINK:
I'm re-reading warrior cats this year and i vaguely hate myself bc I wanna draw fanart but I CAN'T DRAW CATS????
Happy new years to all of my watchers! I hope we can make 2018 an amazing year together <3
I need to work on my but i'm so laZY
Man i spent too many years of my life scared of or being bullied about having Fan OCs or 'Mary Sues' to care about those things anymore. As long as your character isn't representing anything harmful to yourself/others and isn't trans/homophobic you do you. Don't go about shaming people for what they're into or the hobbies they have to unwind. Just be chill my guys. Love and support each other's FC's. Enjoy yourselves.


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nagikura Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nagikura Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nagikura Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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